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Tambourine Thumb Rolls - Put some bees wax, cello or bass rosin on the perimeter of the head. Apply pressure whith your thumb as you use it to go around the head. Your thumb will bounce quickly as it moves. - Mary Ellen Hodges
Don't quit your day job. - Joe Blow
Hey, we get to submit our own??? Cool!! Well let's see....how about don't spend too much time in this drum tips site or you won't get any practicing done - Ha! - Jim Rvezky
Try plastic straws for those snare holder thingys that keep the snares on. They've held up for me so far. You just need to cut them down a bit and you're ready to go. - Adam

I don't know if this makes for a good drum tip ...but I once saw a guy stuff newspaper in his bass drum to get a wet sort of punchy sound. I tried it and it sounds pretty cool. Just my little tip for the day. Thanks for this cool site. - Bernard Wilton

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Eat more chicken. No wait, wrong tips page. - Eli
Drum Tuning Tip: If it sounds good to the ear, don't screw it up by trying to use an exact technique. It's about the sound. In other words, if it's not broken, don't fix it. - Benny G.

Mark your drum stands with a permanant marker to keep your place.
This saves time when setting up your drums. Later. - Rori Martinez

Buy yourself a little clip on fan for your drums. You can clip it on the drum stands anywhere (I put mine on the HH stand) to keep yourself cool. I wouldn't trade my fan for anything in the world. All my band mates are jealous. - Michael Rose

I have found that if one keeps the right perspective, playing becomes more enjoyable. Are you playing just to impress someone or for their enjoyment? I look at it like I am serving someone. I love to play and if it makes someone else happy other than me than that makes it all the better. You never know how your playing may make someone elses day more enjoyable. - Della Barrett

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

My name is Marc White. I am a Vic Firth PDT(since 4/2000). I will be conducting drumset workshops @ THE WINDHOVER CENTER for the ART'S starting 1/2003. What i have to say is this "always play for the song and the style your playing for in the moment", do NOT overplay and listen good"!!!

Two more:
Practice having a good attitude!
Two: Learn HOW to reeellllaaaaaaxxxxxxx!!! - Marc White

Dude..dont' use the same size drumsticks for every gig. That's why they make different size sticks. If you're playing a light ballad, you don't want to be playing with your Metallica woodchoppers. Have 3 or 4 different sizes of drumsticks and use them for the different applications they were made for. - Jason (PS I don't work for a drumstick company)
Sometime ago, I had no place to set up an acoustic set of drums, for a duration of many years. What I did was purchase a set of "table-top" drums ie. Yamaha DD14, & then the DD50. These little gems have many drum loops to play along with, plus a set of "pedals" / triggers for the kick & hi hat. Granted, they are not the real thing, but the DD's improved my timing immensely nonetheless! Plus they contained a fully adjustable tempo dial & a click track.
"Keep the beat!" - Joe L.

Practice with your left hand, it will help strengthin it and make it equal to your right. Learn everything you can. - Sean

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Practice as much as humanly possible when you can. There is no song too difficult. The more you practice it, the better you will get. Confidence is everything when you're behind the kit. A truly dedicated drummer lets nothing take priority over the drums. Practice makes perfect. - Kevin Divoll
When you play, don't concentrate on what you are doing. Just do what comes naturally. - Yours truely
End every drum practice session with a short solo. You will come up with new ideas and your solos will improve greatly. Plus, it's fun. - Alfonzo Houlihan
Always stretch your hands in a warmup, it will help you in the long run. Also, don't thighten all your muscles, relax and play with the band. - Ryan Robertson

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

For all levels of musicains, dedication and patience is the key to get better. - Bhaskar Baskota
I have found that if one keeps the right perspective, playing becomes more enjoyable. Are you playing just to impress someone or for their enjoyment? I look at it like I am serving someone. I love to play and if it makes someone else happy other than me than that makes it all the better. You never know how your playing may make someone elses day more enjoyable. - Della Barrett
One cymbal doesn't have just one sound! Practise hitting the middle of the cymbal with the tip of the drum and then whacking the edge of it with the stick angled straight after. Sounds great and adds a little extra to your playing if you don't have many cymbals. - Dan
What ever you do, do not make the mistake of buying all the expensive things when you are first starting out. Use the cheaper to appreciate the better things in this drumming world. - Sam T.
Learning how to get started? Well...for all those drummers out there who think they can play drums without reading music.....well it'll work for a while but it will only get u so far so when u get to the point where u dont think u can learn any more, look at some tabs and try em out it really helps!!!! - Kevin Osburn

If you seriously need work on your left hand take a stick and hold the butt of it in your hand with the tip being able to hit your elbow. Now play continuosly for as long as you can. My friend does this at least one hour a day and it works really well. - Alex Miehl

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If you set your drumset up backwards you will gain more cordination.If your a righty, set up lefty and visa versa for this exercise. If you do this it will help you with cordination. Also, even if your not a Double Bass player you should play a Double Pedal. Playing differant stickings over different foot patterns helps cordination. Think about it, would you learn one hand at a time, NO. By playing Both hands as a unit, each hand gets strong and the same is true with your feet, So don't learn one foot at a time. By playing them together your feet get better, even if you NEVER intend on playing double bass songs. I found myself liking the Double pedal for fills & Cashendo's (excuse my spelling lol). These Tips Work don't over look them. - Bill Dolan
Playing in Perfect Time is NOT easy, but if you practice slightly ahead of the beat, then practice slightly behind the beat you will notice playing in PERFECT time is NOT impossible. If your in Perfect time you will not hear the Metranome. Practice on a Drum Pad, it's alot harder but you will be happy you did when your done. Make sure you do this exercise with all the Drum Rudiments. - Bill Dolan
While playing along with cds or radio be creative and use fills that are not in the recorded song. - Jim Coudle
A hose clamp will fix a broken Bass drum pedal where the foot plate meets the pedal (normally a strap there).

Teachers: Make use of abbreviations BD, HH, SD, FP, CYM etc. - No Name Provided

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Handle your drumsticks correctly. The drumsticks should be held in both of your hands so loose that if someone were to hit your hands, they would fall out. Handling your drumsticks this way will make your overall preformance much better, as opposed to holding the drumsticks in a firm grip. Happy drumming! - Suzann

While playing along with cds or the radio, be creative and use fills that are not in the recorded song. - Jim Coudle

Rattling snare? I have found that if you put crinkled up news paper inside your snare drum it cuts down on rattling. - Lindsey

Never tune or re-tune another drummer's drums. THIS COULD LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY - Nicci Fritts

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PRACTICE ..if you want to be good at it.- Down South Dirty Girl

Reach for the sky.. and if you don't make it, at least you will know you are among the stars. - It's ME
Handle your drumsticks correctly. The drumsticks should be held in both of your hands so loose that if someone were to hit your hands, they would fall out. Handling your drumsticks this way will make your overall preformance much better, as opposed to holding the drumsticks in a firm grip. Happy drumming! - Suzann
Sisters screaming at you all the time cause your drums are to loud? Just put a lot of blankets on your drums and cymbals. - Octopus
Play with your Heart, not just your hands and feet! Your band members and the audience will tell the difference. - Buddy

Clean your cymbles and make them shine, they look better when there bright and when the light hits them. - Danny M.

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

If you want to really get your rudimental chops down, join a drumline or drum corp. The practice is regimented and the drum competitions keep you motivated. The progress in learning with a drumline is great and will advance a drummer to another level. - Arny Milstead
Travis Barker rules!! That's my drum tip of the day. - Jose

What i've learned is to take every job, whether you get paid or if you do it for free. You never know when there,s someone out there looking for a drummer. - Sean Krall

All drums have their own pitch. To truly tune your drums to their pitch remove all heads & hardware, hang the shell from a string or something & hit the edge of the shell. The sound you hear is the pitch to tune to. This is a little timely but your drums will sound the way they were built to sound. - Keith Weiler

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THE SWEET SPOT! For all you metal heads out there who play double bass, the sweet spot is the key to finding your maximum speed. Find the center of your pedal and place the groove between your toes and your foot. You're on your way! - Daniel Mifsud - drummer of Argento
The little boy stopped an old man on the street and said, "Hey, Mister! How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The old man replied, "Practice, son. Practice." - No Name Given

Lose a stick? Try sitting on a pair of sticks (one on each side) so you don't have to reach in your bag in the middle of a song to get another. - CK

Playing along to the radio is better than playing to records. The temptation with records is to pick the ones you like or find easy. The radio makes you try to play things you've avoided, extends your range, and shows up your weaknesses.- Mike
Keep an extra hi-hat clutch in your stick bag because there is nothing worse than rocking up to a gig and finding out you have forgotton your hi-hat clutch! - Daniel

Play along with a CD or radio, then turn it off and play it from memory as close to the original as possible! It works. Try It! :) - Andrew Glass

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Your Bass player can make you a better drummer listing to the why he rolls out of (verses&chours) & try to duplacate. - Rick Brown

At band reharseal go through the songs with just you and your bass player.This will help your band get super tight. - Rick Brown

If you have dreams of being a "Commercially" successful drummer, i.e. Fame, Money,hit songs, etc. you have to know and accept your place. Don't try to steal the show. You are a time keeper and you lay down the backbeat. The simpler the better. Any band where the drummer is the center of attention is probably not a very commercially successful band. Neal Pert is an exception to the rule, not the norm. Consider Phil Rudd. - Jake Levee

Keep practiceing every day, because if you stop you will get bad. Practice. Practice. Practice!!!!!!!! - Isaiah

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Always make sure that your hands are dry or you are wearing gloves to avoid the stick from slipping out of your hands in the middle of a song. - Nick
Learn to play the piano/keyboard also. A good drummer knows other instruments and how to sight read. - Bob Bouvier
If you're in Pit (side-line percussion) and set up on the front side-line, always listen back to the drumline never directly follow the drum major. It will help with phasing problems which is almost always an issue for marching bands (especially for a large band with a big Pit). Lining up the sound from the field to the stands is key to an amazing proformance. GO KATY! - Captain K-dawg

When playing at a fast pace, always keep the arms raised at a reasonable height. - DrumHead

If you want be good drummer you must listening Vinnie Colaiuta! and that is all. - Karrdo

Make personal sounds, especially if you're in a band, it will give your band a "signature " sound, just like guitars and bass, don't hold back with your ideas :) - Lasse

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

You dont need a double pedal... just use both of your feet on one pedal..but you gotta be quick - Drummer123

When playing fast tempos, mindfully RELAX your hands! The faster you play, the more relaxed you should be. Though it may seem paradoxical at first, you'll soon realize that you can play those smokin' tempos alot better without the fighters fists of fury on the sticks! - Brad Spradlin

If you want a tip...take it from two famous dudes that know talent!! The construction of this site went great!! We both really like you guys having fun with these tips!! Tip 1-don't ever take tips but ours!! Tip 2-get offline and play drums!! Tip-3 get a job!! Tip-4 Don't even think about outdoing our progression!! Tip-5 Let those childish studder screamin bands do there own thing and bring music back to life!!! Tip-6 Expect better songs on your tv!! Tip-7 Keep your tips private!! You'll never be the best by tellin people to be better!! Tip-8 give fake tips to confuse the drummers who need tips!!! Tip -9 Make fun of dumb drummers!! lol... Tip-10 Keep it musical!!!! - Mike Portnoy and Oscar Nolan

The drummer should be very strong minded in many different ways! The success isn't all about the money and fame! Although fame can build a confidence for you and money can always help out for music equipment!! Having success to me is how well the listeners/fans really get the message of the song! (The whole meaning of the song should always be the most important thing!!!!) Creative music is musical music to me!! If your a young drummer like myself and you want to be the best!! Find that talented, progressive, band and compete with the progression!! Try to avoid listening to that same old 4/4 time!! DONT WEAK OUT ON MAN! I incourage all drummers to download some Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X, and all those talented musical bands! Do somethin different after every 4 measures!! Don't let the world of drums get simple!! Write songs that are hard for you to feel at first!! Write songs that play with time signature!! Try to put all knowlege and natural talent to your songs!
!! Don't repeat over and over!! If you play something for one measure its always gonna be there in that song. Be musical and remember doin somethin once is doin it!! Don't drive it into the ground! Not putting down on modern bands...But lets face it Talent has gown down hill!! Music is something special to us all!! When road is over for me...I don't wanna be described as that one guy saying look at me!! I wanna be that guy that tried to make music as musical as he could!! That one guy that tried covering all musical aspects!! (DONT GET ON STAGE TO BE SEEN) (GET ON STAGE TO SHARE SOMETHIN) being on stage is a perfect time to say somethin...every one is listening....(EXPLAIN A SONG THAT THE AUDIENCE MAY HAVE TROUBLE GETTIN)(MAKE SURE THE AUDIANCE HAS HAD A CHANCE TO UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE OF THE SONG) being the drummer is different from singin...Singers tell the story and the drummer helps the feelings express!! (MAIN THING OF THE MAIN THING IS THE MAIN THING) (JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT) (AND IF POSSIBLE HELP MUSIC BE FOR A GOOD CAUSE) (((MUSIC IS MUSICAL WHEN ITS BASED UPON MUSIC)))) - Oscar Nolan

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The best cover up for droping a stick during a concert is to stick your tounge out at everyone!! - Just another dude

Don't separate your equipment when you bring it home. Keep it together or you'll forget something the next time you go to pack it in the car. - Drummer

When purchasing drumsticks from your local drumshop take four pairs of the same sticks to the counter. Take them out and roll them on the counter to check for warped sticks. - Lori Henderson
Look at drum solo's of the great drummers - Ruben
Don't get frustrated alot when you can't seem to do any good. Some of us drummers just have certain days where we can't play anything, So when you get frustrated, just slow down and start with something simple ..and just go with the flow. - Josh

Myth: Ringo is the greatest drummer in the world. He's probably the most popular one though. Fact: Neil Peart is the best drummer alive (Buddy Rich is best non-living drummer). Neil has way more skill than Ringo. - Dan

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Watch the booze intake when gigging. It's very easy to drink too much in the right venue. But remember, you're performing. Be professional. If you've had too much to drink, your drumming will be sloppy - even if you think it isn't! - Matt
Never stop trying and just keep practising ...and soon you'll get there. - Edward Ogg

"When I first started playing, I was interested in music and I was able to read it. But when I moved into playing with groups, I did a silly thing and dropped it. I do think it's great to be able to write down ideas in music form. But I also think that feeling is a lot more important in drumming than mere technique. It's all very well to be playing a triple paradiddle--but who's going to know you're actually doing it? If you pay too much attention to technique, you start to sound like every other drummer does. I think that being original is what counts. When I listen to other drummers, I like to be able to say, 'Oh, that's nice, I haven't heard that before.' I think that being yourself as a drummer is so much better than sounding like anyone else." - John Bonham - Luigi Scarface

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Put a thick(not too thick) coat of Plasti-Dip on the striking spot of the bass drum head. Home depot has it. - Christopher J. Furfaro
If using a pillow to muffle the bass drum, put it in a plastic pillow cover. This prevents drawing moisture & damaging the inner ply. - Christopher J. Furfaro

You can use a sheet of felt for bass drum muffling. Available at any fabric store. Take the head off, lay the felt over the drum, tape the edges down so the felt stays put. Make sure you have ample material to extend past the flesh hoop. Put head ,hoop & hardware back on, remove tape & trim the excess felt. Be careful with the sissors! If it's too dead, cut the center of the sheet out. I use a full sheet on the reso head & center cutout on the batter.You can also give some slack to the felt before you tighten the head(s), this will control the degree of deadness. Then maybe cutting the felt won't be necessary - Christopher J. Furfaro

I use rubber cement to glue zero rings (especially for bass drum), you don't need to use alot of cement. Two way stick tape works well too. Also,rubber cement can be easily removed. Christopher J. Furfaro
Right Hand-Left Hand Ratio: The great thing about this exersice is that it not only speeds up your off hand but also helps in matching speed/timming of the hands.
L-R LL-RR LLL-RRR LLLL-RRRR (repeat) - Faiyaz
MYTH: Ringo is the greatest drummer who ever lived. TRUTH: Tommy Aldridge is!!!! - Mike

You get a music stand and a spiral notebook and make a drawing of the drum sets however you want. Write a number on each drum peice like when there is a "1", you hit that one. Then hit "2" and then memorize what you have done and try it manually. It worked for me. - Brandon

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Drum sticks make a good weapon if there is any burgurlars in your house. Use your drum sticks as a weapon. Also you can do a rimshot to sound like a gunshot! - Harvin
Find "1" style of drum stick the best fits your need and "use that style only," don't fill you stick bag with different sticks, your never get a good feel when playing, your hands will have to get use to each pair you pull out! - Travis A. Walker

When setting up/breaking down, make sure "you" the drummer is there and/or the one doing it, it's a shame to have part of your set in the bass players car and the other with the lead singer, and all you have is the snare and your best cymbal! It never happen to me, but I have seen it many time. - Travis A. Walker

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Ever get to a gig and find that you need a carpet but didn't bring one?
Use the floor mats from your car. Put the smaller sizes under the bass drum spurs and the larger sizes under the bass pedal and hi-hat stand - Mat Marucci

When playing live, fast tempo's often appear rushed. Consciously try to play a little more slowly on stage than when you're practising in the basement. - Bob Penny
Neil Peart is hands down the most fluent speed/hard rock drummer ever and is one of the best rock drummers ever for those who dont know the name listin to the band RUSH - Josh
Use duct tape on your toms and even your snare to muffil the sound. - Christian Brewer
Play with your Heart, not just your hands and feet! Your band members and the audience will tell the difference. - Buddy
When you play, just go crazy man. It helps. You will be surpriesd at what you can do. Dont be afraid to experiment. - Thando Naba

Reach for the sky and if you don't make it, at least you will know you are among the stars. - It's ME

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

PRACTICE if you want to be good at it. - Down South Dirty Girl
Never tune or re-tune another drummer's drums.THIS COULD LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY - nicci fritts
Take the time to study the history of drumming. It's very enlightening and will make you a better player. Drum History's where it's at. Literally! Upon learning a standard jazz cymbal ride pattern (you know; spang, spang-a-lang), be sure to Learn to listen to "all" of the players of the band. If you're not hearning them, you can't react to the music properly. Jazz players, be sure to learn as many of the jazz standards as possible. You'll be called upon to know them. - Me

You can't be a good drummer sitting on the couch watching TV. - Marc Dufour

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When hitting the crash cymbal be careful not to hit the bow of the crash cymbal(located halfway between the center and edge of the cymbal)with the shoulder of your stick. doing so increases the likelihood that your expensive cybal will crack. - Emmanuel Valcin
Work on your "weak" hand/arm. Single stroke rolls are best achieved with daily practice. Work with a metronome and develop a true "single stroke" roll which sounds even! Do 10 repetitions with the "weaker" hand/arm every day! - Dr. Paul E. Rosene
If you live in dighotn kansas, forget about going to the library. They dont have any drum stuff whatsoever! I would also like to say that this is the best web site i have ever been too. - Davina

Train SLOWLY! The better way to play well a piece is firstly to play it RIGHT IN PLACE. Divide by 4 the tempo and train small part of the piece in loop : 2 or 3 measures. When it's right in place, go further in the piece. Finally, when all the piece is ok for you, try it a bit faster and then, to the tempo requiered. - TraXX the french Drummer

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Soundproofing: to soundproof your drum room two tips. For the wall, install heavy curtains about 4" from the wall all around your piece: It prevents the rebounce of the sound and avoid the transmition of vibration to the walls. For the ground, the carpets are great but try to put some judo's tatami (it's really elastic and so prevent your ground to quake under your beats ) and carpets over it to avoid your drums slipping. - TraXX the french Drummer
Always remember to stay loose with the drum sticks, don't let them slide, but let them be free. - Gabi
Charlie Parker practiced 14 to 15 hours a day for 3 to 4 years. - Timoteo Alonso
Relax ur hands and feet, do not be stiff, feel the beat in ur mind before playing it - Gorkhali Kanchha
To make a practical and useful drum/practice pad take a hard-back book and place an old magazine on either side, sandwiching the book in the middle. Put a mouse mat on top so that the side you scroll your mouse on is facing upwards. Then wrap the whole thing up with a t-shirt or an old rag of some sort, securing the package with a rubber band or two. Find a good place to practise, and do just that. It may be crude, but it works! - Adam Boney
It's not important to be the fastest playing drummer; but to be an accurate playing drummer. You can hide speed by playing ballads. But you can't hide mishits and poor roles. - Eric Wehnau
Be totally relaxed, yet focused. - Lady Drummer 16-NC
Clear,good and cool sound. If you haven't got it, more practising in true way ... Viva Turkey - Cagdas Yapicilar
I have found the "triplets" of various forms that Dave Weckle perfected, has been a great help. I use them at home practicing and work them into songs and play them throughout the whole CD or tape so I can get a feel for it and then it comes so natural when I need it while playing out - Steve Hlabse

Drum sticks make a good weapon if there is any burglers in your house. Use your drum sticks as a weapon. Also you can do a rimshot to sound like a gunshot! - Harvin

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

It's important to practice with metronome and without one as well. - Sthrudel
The greatest technical drummer in the metal world right now has 2 be Deron Miller of "Mastadon". Check 'im out. - Welfare
When playing with a double kick, try to use your heels vs. your whole legs. - Dustin

Keep your eyes open at all times, the audience wants to see your eyes. Also, to me there's nothing worse than seeing a bandstand full of musicians, each of them just staring at the necks of their guitars, in their own worlds, trying to be cool, or with their eyes closed, not being a part of the goings on. Attempt to be aware and play "with" the others as a unit, as much as possible. After all, we are there to entertain the audience, not just look cool. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. - "Lay it Down" Larry

If your snares are rattling a lot and you want to stop it, I found you can put a strip of paper in between the snares and the resonant head. - DJ

Got the Blues? A trick I learned from a Muddy Water comment before a song. He told a drummer to, "Give me some butt". If I recall it was "Hoochie Coochie Man". Using the butt end of the stick in some songs gives it a fuller sound without hitting the snare harder and overpowering the band. If you are a Blues drummer, you should know it is all about being aware of the feel and mood of the band. - Jeff Gover

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Learn what the hell groove and feel mean and forget paradiddles. - Todd
Teaching: Have your students do simple math and spelling problems aloud while playing ostinato foot patterns such as Bossa, Samba, Songo, etc...This forces them to rely on muscle memory and allows them to think of their hands independantly of their feet. - Paul Knight
Label ALL your stix. I had some bright pink and green ones that I thought would be fine not labelled and they got nicked. It don't take much time and it saves loads of money ...... just my lil tip!!!!!!! - Beth
Taking care of your hardware and prevent it from building rust. As you guys probably know, weather plays an important part in this process. Countries where there's high humidity tend to eventually ruin our hardware. There's this wonderful product called Pro Gold Lubricant Oil. http://www.progoldmfr.com/ This stuff is amazing. Apply it to your brand new hardware every other month. Your pedals and stands will NOT rust that easily. - Raj

MORE COWBELL!!! - Bruce Dickenson

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!


Warm up but also stretch the limbs, including forearms, properley. This will promote greater flexibility and ward off any injuries. Stretching after the gig calms you down and prevents those sores or aches coming on after a hard day. Seek professional advice if you begin to hurt. - Matt Hobson
To become very skilled and keep pace, practice with a metronome! ;-) - Daniel Vincent
Fact: Neil Peart is the greatest Rock Drummer ever. Buddy Rich is the greatest Jazz Drummer ever. Progressive Rock is the most exciting music ever. And Rush are the greatest band ever...and Dream Theater are the Gods of odd time signatures.- Jack Morris
No where to put your drink? Use an old scotch tape or duct tape roll. Tape it to your cymbal stand. - Greg

We all know how boring it is to practice daily with the sound of a click. Why don´t you try the paddle with some groovy chill-house music ? Your motivation will increase, the tempo is constant ... and don´t forget to have fun, it´s the most important !! - No name given

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Band-aids make great mufflers if you want to tone down an unwanted ring. - R. Luszczak
One important piece of gear that is overlooked alot is the drum throne . A cheap seat will wobble making it harder to perform plus it will get very uncomfortable after a long gig or session . High quality thrones make the gig more comfortable and helps keep that all important center of gravity . - Kelly Stodola
Make sure to play everything.. you practice at three different volume levels (quiet,normal and loud) . This helps to build your dynamics . Kelly Stodola

A great rim shot can be accomplished.. by placing the tip of your stick about an inch off the inside of the snare rim (i.e. on the stripe of a pin stripe head) and the stick butt between the rim lugs. This delivers a "fat" rim shot sound. - Berry Bairrington

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SOUND IS CO-ORDINATION. We so often execute rudiments on the snare. When we start orchestrating them around the kit we find it more difficult. The same goes for accents. If you always accent the downbeat whilst playing a paradiddle, when we put it around the kit or try accenting off the downbeat it is harder. Practice everything you play around the kit and shift accents so that what you play doesn't always sound so linear and 1,2,3,4 solid. - Dom Tribe
Listen to your Drum Captain. Even if it's a GIRL!!!!! Channah
Use a sheet of paper (taping it down helps it to stay) instead of tone rings if you are low on money. They work just as well as are very cheap. - David Myers

You know how you can hold a pencil in the center with your thumb and forefinger and tap each end alternately - you can hold your drum stick the same way and do a roll on the high hat with one hand. - Ted Duthoit

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Don't screw up! - joe blow
Learn how to spell correctly before sending drumming tips to this site. In this way we might begin to challenge the stereotype that most drummers are morons who hang round with musicians! - parkkeeper
Look after your wrists and hands - regular wrist exercise is vital to avoid problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. I find shock absorbing sticks work for me, especially 'Ahead' sticks. - parkkeeper
enjoy YOURSELF!! - roco
Learn to relax and feel the beat and don't think about having mistakes... focus on the beatings and not on the countings! Ü.. - *LadySiLver*
Practice makes permanent. - Erik Bardin

Instead of putting duct tape on any of your equipment, consider using camper tape. Get it at a hardware store,its adhesive foam tape about an inch wide & an 1/8" thick.Dampens cymbals & heads. Walmart has an adhesive cloth/tape,"athletic works". Excellent stick tape & cheap! - Charles Gonzales

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Lube your tension rods. spread a very very thin coat of vaseline over the threads on your tuning rods. this will ensure that the rods are threading smoothly. it will also help to prevent over or under tightening - Kieran Bittles
I have been playing drums for 6 years and i found out that the cymbal stands rought the holes on the cymbals (they make the holes bigger). Ok well put the washer on then a felt washer and then place a piece of tubing in so the cymbal will not move around back and forth to rub and then put the cymbal down then the other felt washer then the washer and then screw the wing nut down and then holes will no longer get bigger!!!It helps alot!! - Alex Spilios

Annointed playing:- know God and fearing God and obeying His commandments will make you. - probaba

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Inventory your equimpent. - Bennett Burnside
Anytime you learn a new rudiment, be sure you know it inside and out. Push it to (and beyond) the limit. Play it as fast as you possibly can. You may never have to play it at that speed (and believe me, just because you can, doesn't mean you should, anyway!), but, to go to any extreme as a musician means that any level of performance below that extreme is much simpler. (Ex: if you can play 64th notes at 240 BPM for 5 minutes straight, playing 64th notes at 120 BPM for 3 minutes with be nothing to you.) - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer
Explore different muscle group combinations when playing usual double bass licks. You'll find that you can pull out the same patterns for longer with less fatigue and/or cramping. - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer

Want more speed out of your snare hand (or is it getting tired)? Use your free fingers to push up on the base of your stick, to lever it down towards the head. Use this in tandem with your wrist to develop a "seesaw". You'll cut down on fatigue, and keep your snare strokes even and powerful, even on blast beats. - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer

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Think you know everything? You don't. No matter how long you've played, or how much you have learned, there's always something you haven't seen, someone that can play faster, or a technique that you haven't tried. Never stagnate. Be open to new ideas and other perspectives to the instrument. - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer
One thing for beginners, start out with a cheap 5 piece kit. (this is one thing that always piss's me off) a beginner saying he is really bad a** and gets on the kit and can't do anymore than a 4/4 beat. And another thing for you beginners NO DOUBLE BASS! that will come in time but wait a couple of years and get the basic's first, unless you pick it up really fast. - ~Crash~
Try out for all bands... if you don't get in, at least you know you tried! - Chris Baker
When comiting a drum solo use your left hand alot if you are a right hand drumer - Kyle
Be a good drummer. Have a unique style. Listen to diferent types of music and you'll get diferent ideas - James

Always have a favourite drummer to motivate u..listen to their records and also listen to other many drummers.. - Didi

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Watch pro drummers play and from there u can be motivated to be like them..etc..watch their videos or go to drum clinics. - Didi
If you're a beginner, start out using the bass and develop the rhythm for bass only, then add hihat, then snare, then anything else. It helps a lot! - Steven
Yeah it's me. Guys, I'm not really the greatest drummer in the world. Okay, yes I am. Cool site dudes. - Travis Barker

Keep your sticks matched: When you buy more than one pair of sticks, before you take them out of their cardboard sleeve, take a Sharpie and mark the butt ends of the first pair with the number 1, then the second pair with the number 2, the third pair with the number 3 and so on. This will help you keep your sticks matched like they where when they left the factory. Have you ever noticed, while playing, one of your sticks feels lighter than the other? That's because you mixed sets and they're no longer matched for weight and balance. A small thing to some but I really can't stand playing with an unmatched set of sticks...it just feels strange. ROCK! - Martyr

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Either you are good at drums or you are not. - Justin
Tuning Tips - Don't gum up your heads with duct tape, deadringers, etc. (especially the snare drum). instead, get a small piece of cloth and rest it on the head near the rim. Then tape the cloth not to the head, but to the rim. When you hit the drum, the cloth will jump up and when it comes down it will kill the overring (especially the snare drum). - CG
Be On Time! Whenever you have rehearsals , auditions or studio sessions, be early! You would not believe how very important it is. Other people's time is just as important as yours and you are likely to get the gig and impress everyone at the same time if this element is immediately taken care of before you ever even hit the drums. - Bryan Keeling
Play a 16th note parradiddle for x number of times and then shift the beginning note by 1/16th and this will put the starting note on the "e" of the beat. After playing x number of times, again shift the starting beat another 1/16 to place the starting note on the "and" of the beat. Repeat the procedure two times to put the beginning beat on the "uh" of the beat and then finally back to the 1, 2, 3, etc. of the beat. - Sal

Color-code the sections of your stands and/or rack clamps with colored plastic cable ties. They're less noticable than colored tape or labels. - Dave From Chicago

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Use your weak hand in everyday things. Like right now you have your main hand on the mouse. Maybe even try to write with your weak hand! - David
Be sure to practice how you will play. Don't move a drum to make it easier to practice if your wont have it there for a gig. You won't want to have to rearrange your set durring a gig. - Jebadiah
I have devised a technique that can imrpove stick accuracy and help to stop any unwanted rim shots caused by wandering drum sticks during fills. Place 2 or 3 spare drum sticks afew inches apart on the floor or preferred practising surface. Now try and drum in the spaces between the sticks going from left to right and back again in various combinations, being sure not to hit the spare sticks. Increase speed gradually and when you have the confidence/ ability lessen the space seperating the sticks. - Adam Boney

I made an adapter to fit my drum key by soldering a 3/8" drive socket to a sawed off generic drum key. I then use an Inch pound torque wrench and tune my smallest tom to the tone I like. I check the reading on the scale and then do all the other drums to the same setting. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but it really works like golfing. Each club will do the work if the swing is the same.Each drum is a different size as are golf clubs a different legnth and pitch. Try it out - Steve H

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Make sure you ALWAYS make notice of confusing stickings to beginning and intermediate students. When learning at this level students need to learn to alternate and fix sticking to work the music. - Drumline Drum Tech
If you nod your head to the beat, you do much better. - Philip Pompey
Practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice to be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Philip Pompey
Stay loose and relaxed. It's not as easy as you might think but thats why you always start at slower tempos and build you're way up to help you stay that way as you get faster - JP
Practice to CD's with wireless headphones. Prices are right but get a good name brand.
No wires to deal with, volume control is on the headset and you can balance out the sound between you music and drum set without killing your ears.
ROCK ON...windsweptrocker. - Paul Larson

Customize a pair of sticks, I did one black and one white, then sign them for when you become a rock star ;-) - Craigemboy

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Jam with a good bass player and keep the rhythm of their hand movements. I also believe that learning to play bass can improve drumming. - enalonde
Play with a mirror along side you so you can check out your technique - Chris Bate
I think that you play alot better if you set your drums up like you want them not like any one else - Daniel
Just because your cymbale looks good where you put it, doesn't mean its the right place for it to be. Many times drummers put things where its not comftorable to be and get at, its because it looks good. DONT DO THAT, dont try to look good... try to SOUND GOOD! - Brynner Agassi
READ EVERYTHING! Learn everything and dont take anything for granted! You will become the best if you can just read those black dots on a bit of paper! - Marcus Holloway

A good way for carrying stands: Buy a hard golf club carrying case with wheels from any sporting goods store. Works very good. - rj simon

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If your looking to expand your kit, instead of rocking a double kick, add a microwave or a tv or a sno-cone machine, maybe even a washing machine, or Belgian waffle iron. This way you never have to leave your kit. PS you can convert your bass drum into a urinal. - Harris
To DB players, wherever you are, perfect your feet. At school, while you are eating, right now, whenever. Just go strait 16 on your feet all the time. This makes em way better. PS this page is so friggn cool! - metal head
If you play chinas inverted, your china will crack easier, but if you play them normal, your sticks will break easier. lose lose situation isnt it? - Harris

Practice alot or your never going to get better. - keith fulton

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Moleskin pads (available in any pharmacy) make the best bass drum pads ever. They help maintain the true tone and beautiful resonance of a bass drum unlike most commercial pads. Just cut into the desired size and shape. - clay
Carry a few bicycle tire innertubes (26" mountain bike size) in your hardware case. You can create a mucher tighter connection than with duct tape. You can use them as industrial-strength bungee cords to tie things together like your throne to your kick pedal or to secure a case lid with a dead strap. You can also use them to tie up a stripped out boom clamp on a piece of hardware. And finally, you can cut out a piece and use it as a gasket for the tilt pivot on the older snare stands by the likes of Tama and Yamaha. - Jerry Gerlich
If you use heavy sticks always use heavy cymbals, it may reduce the risk of cracking your cymbal. - Warren Hill
Drumming at home can be annoying to those who don't appreciate the ART of the most ancient of musical instruments, soooooooo, I invested in some neoprene drum mufflers.The sound is GREATLY reduced and the most beneficial thing is the muscle tone and reflex you must use to get the rebounds and doubles and triples. So when you play "LIVE" the natural action of the heads and cymbals will enhance your playing and you will definitly be AMAZED as well as your "group" memebers and audience will Appreciate" the most ancient instrument even more... - Steve Hlabse

Know what your playing and know how to play what your playing. The drummer is the main key, if you anit got drums you anit got nothing. Take it from me, a drummer myself - mike

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Keep alcohal free before playing! - bob
If you can play it slow, you can play it fast. Start by learing it slow then do it fast.
- John Vasquez
Watch yourself. It's always great to watch your hands in front of a mirror and see what your hands are and aren't doing. Get in front of a mirror and see! - Jose Mata
You should not allways play hard all the time. Some times you should play soft.
- No name provided

Put a pillow in your bassdrum and it will make the sound flow out better - Tyler

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

When you first get your drum set the snair drum doesn't sound like a snair drum . But all you have to do is take your drum key and flip the snair drum. Then titen the spring with your key. It needs to be tite or it will come loose. Then hit it with your drum stiks . - Tyler K.
If you need to work on your speed, use the heaviest drum sticks you can find. I found that it was very helpful. Thanks. - Clayton H.
Be sure that you play what you want to play, if you're not satisfied with the type of music your band is playing, then say something. The point of music is to have fun, and its not fun if your not playing something that you enjoy. - Michael S

Practise singing to a drum tune it will help you get an understanding of that side of it. Don't over fill a song with fills, it takes away from the other parts of the song. Don't put tape on your snare drum rather out a drum ring because the tape will mess it up some times. - Brad

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Always listen to the music and play how you feel, not what you want people to hear. - John Bonham
When you first get a drum set it might not sound the same as your friends. It usually doesn't because it is new. All you have to do is adjust on it and get used to it . - Tyler
When buying your drumsticks, make sure you pick the style or make which you feel comfortable playing with yourself. not what someone has said to buy. - Sm Young
Practice rolls on a really soft pillow, it will greatly increase your - Uncle Luke
Learn all the styles: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Ska, Punk, Rock - Joaquín de Castro

Attention drummers: This tip is from a soundman. Don't play your drums while the soundman is trying to mike up your kit! - CISCO

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

I have a few tips, but first, some thank yous: Thanks to to Alex Miehl for the arm tip, that works great, it hurts like hell, but it works great, thank you. Also, thanks to Paul Knight for the Math/Drumming tip. If I would have done that earlier, I would have been better sooner, and I could have possibly been more interested in math as a youngin'.

Tip 1: Travis Barker is great, and I study him as if I was his apprentice, however, Dave Weckle is my idol, and drumming god...I HIGHLY recommend every drummer check him out (Your library will have his videos).

Tip 2: Take your standard practice pad(the thicker the better) and attach it to the densest wall available in your house however you wish and tape your bass pedal/double to the floor so that the beaters match up and practice pad (works well when you need the "feel" of the drum).

Tip 3: If anyone remembers those cool hand sqeeze things from the 80's, find one and sqeeze that thing all day long (good for strengthening yo!
ur weak hand also).

Tip 4: Try yoga or full body stretching before a show or practice, it helps to loosen you up (great for the legs of double bass drummer).

Tip 5: Use hunting hand warmers to get the blood flow back in your hand if your are playing someplace cold.

Tip 6: Take a look at your hands when you play, if you put one on top of the other, and it looks like you're holding a sword, you're killing your wrists. TO SAVE YOUR WRISTS from carpel tunnel, place your hand on a desk or whatever is available, palm down. Now raise you hand and point your index finger out and tuck your other fingers in. Now tuck in your index finger so that only the first knuckle is visible to you, slide your thumb along side of it like you were pinching someone. Slide a stick in between your thumb and idex finger. Practice this way and WATCH YOURSELF. It is hard to learn, but it will help. If you already play this way, sorry for wasting your time.

Tip 7: AND THE MOST VITAL THING, STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!! Shoot for the top, but get your head on straight and do what you have to. And no, I am not some old fool who is just another drone in society. I am 19, and I just make sure I have all my bases covered. Think about it, look at most of the famous musicians today...ALOT of them have their Bachelores in something other than frisbee throwing. Get your education, then you can get your glory. - Trent C.

NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Stop learning. Don't ever think you have "ARRIVED"! There is ALWAYS something new to learn.I just ordered a book from Dom Famularo called "It's Your Move". WOW!!! Invest....it is well worth the time and money.You might even impress yourself!!! - Steve Hlabse

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You need to know that if you put your drum set on carpet your kicker will slide. All you need to do is put a slab of rubber under it and it won't slide. - Tyler

If you want to play a new song and you can't even play it well...start SLOWLY...slowly slowly...then when you learn it well...start playing more fast...then more fast...and if you get stucked there.. go back and play slower...then when you think you can play it well in fast mode...try it faster, faster and faster and you got it :) , The trick is just to play it Slow and then FAST. This helps alot to learn some songs :) - Cult Nemesis Drummer

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

To warm up before playing, try juggling. It makes you alot looser and helps your speed and hand eye cordination! - Jackie
Don't let other drummers scare you. you'll get better with practice. - Freddrick Dennis
If your drums feel really dead and your stick response is like hitting a piece of leather tighten up the bottom of the drum a half turn.This could go for all the drums,snare,toms etc..
Bottom heads in time stretch and cause the drum to feel too dead.. - Ted
Most of these tips are very helpful and I have learned a lot from them. I don't consider myself an expert by any means but the only tips I have are to always stay in control, play to the right feel and volume of the song, and listen to and learn to play all types of music. - Andrew
Don't over muffle your drums, let em' ring. That's what makes them drums, without ring, you might as well be hiting a table top. - Andrew Wood

Trying doing doubles, singles, para-diddles on a pillow. It offers no re-bound forcing you to pull up the stick, in turn increasing your control, and speed. - John Flynn

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Play your drumset the opposite way you would usually play them. This helps you in so many ways, you would neer believe it! - Justin the Drummerboy
If you are borrowing someones drums to play live dont leave asking them until you get to the gig. Once I had to use a cracked plastic stool as a drumseat grrrrr! - David
Jazz drumming is mastery of the drumset and one of the masters is Billy Kilson from the Dave Holland Quintet - David

To get good, controlled dynamics play 16th notes with different notes accented. E.g LlllL Ll lL llL Lll - David

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Try practising with your earplugs out. You'll either destroy your ears, or like most, you will be forced to play quietly. - David
If your cymbals are flapping around when you play, try screwing the nut on upside down. This helps especially when using other people's stands that have far too few felt spacers - David
For those aches and pains in the forearms and elbows a good rub of deep heat works wonders - David
The best thing to do is go with what you feel (dont learn of tabs) if u go with just jamming you develop your own style. - James Mottram

For motivation surround yourself with your favorite musicians and put signs in the wall or walls of quotes that will get you to not give up, i did that and it worked for me a great deal, it inspired me to play even better - George Serrano

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Always look ahead in the music piece you are playing - Danny Treptow
Learning from other drumers helps devolop own style - kwameadjei
For a nice mellow sound on tom toms use a piece of felt cut in a quarter moon shape, and tape it to the underneath side of the top batter head use the wide clear tape ,along the bearing edge, this give the drum a mellow sound taking the high end ringing out.I been doing this for years and it don't chock the drums up like deadringers that you lay on the top of the head. - fred gilt
Spurs for vintage bass drums - if you have a old vintage bass drum that don't have spurs, and maby you don't want to drill the shell and mount the new type spures it mite devalue the vintage drum,i have a vintage leedy bass I use ludwig 6inch cow bell holders that clamp right on the front bass drum hoop, use a small rubber tip on the end if the holder is mounted in the right place thay hold very good, and look vintage.mount them so the front of the bass is 1 in. off the floor. - fred

Cymbal Cleaning: Use softscrub cleaner WITHOUT BLEACH. Its very good to remove stick marks and fingerprints, but wont remove the lacquer coating,I got this tip from the zildjian cymbal co.thay said new cymbals should not be cleaned with any harsh cleaner till thay have aged one year or more. - fred

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Duck Tape - manditory for any giging drum if something brakes chances are duck tape will do the trick - Steve Young

Be on time, early if possible to allow extra set up time and reasonably sober. Don't practise funky fills between songs. Don't be crazy. With the exception of Keith Moon, nobody wants to play with a lunatic. - Spyder Darling
Say your the best: don't let anyone say your not good or say you won't make it they just can't make the right decision if they ever say you suck then tell them you want to have a drum battle with them ok and then you'll see. - jessica
Make sure to hit your cymbals with a glancing blow, don't come staright down on them, you will acheive a more musical sound, and your cymabals will last longer - Andrew Wood

If you want to play double bass... ALWAYS play heel up it will save you so much aggrivation. Heel down is much harder to co-ordinate and gain speed with - Scott

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Always carry a pair of sticks to pratice with so it can be easier to get beats on the set - Eric
While playing really fast, just relax and bounce your sticking pattern.(It works) - Cody Roark
Heres a tip on how to double your beats on the bass drum - what you do is when you are playing a simple rock shuffle you slide your foot back on the pedal and push foward but not to hard.That should double your beats. - Robert Coxon (Australia)
Head fones connected to you're stereo, and turning it up really loud wile playing drums, is a good way to practice......and to go deff later on in life. - Josh Salop

To spice up the boring fill of: SNARE: 1e+a ||| 1st TOM:2e+a ||| 2nd TOM: 3e+a ||| FLOOR TOM: 4e+a |||, Try to play the "e" after 4 on the 2nd Tom instead of the floor tom, and make it a parididdle. It's easy, effective, sounds good, and just plain works. - drew

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Been playing Guitar/Bass & Keyboards for 40 years..
Would trade my children to play with drummers like...
Phil Ehart: Kansas
Neil Peart: Rush
Bill Buford: Yes
Buddy Rich
Think about it...dynamic & never miss a beat EGJ of Texas - E Jefferson
If you play by ear and don't know how to read music don't get discouraged, just keep practicing. Don't be too proud in your playing that you say you don't need lessons, you can learn more by watching other people and techniques. If you play purely by god given talent, don't get a big head about it, yes it's a good thing but god gave it to you for a reason. He gave it to you to use for his glory and to use the ability to play in the music ministry. - max
Strengthening your weakness is the key of practicing - ray
Research is the key!!!!! - lloyd yeshua
Always practice the five-stroke roll.(the single stroke, double, paradiddle, double paradiddle, the flam, and the pressed roll). - Matt

Watch Drumline for crazy stuff to impress your friends - Matt

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Don't forget your gloves if you have slippery hands. One way J
A cheaper way to clean your cymbals is to go to a cheap shop like golo and buy the industrial hand cleaner for about $5. Rub that on your cymbals. Then if you add some more washing powder to clean the grooves, use a rag to rub it of and they will look as good as new - James
Hey if you wanna spin your sticks, listen to us. I've been playing 44 years and I know what im talkin' about. Put the sticks between your pointing finger and your middle finger and spin by supporting it with your thumb. It takes practise. HAVE A GO ITS GREAT! - ryan n leah
Tell your self what you want accomplished today behind your drumset, then get to it. This will help you get orginazed in the later run.- bucky

Read Fred Gilts tip on half moon felt on under side of batter head, does not work for me. Still rings. I get a better sound taping a 3 or 4 inch square of sweat shirt material.Works like the old adjustable mufflers. Don't know why they ever took them out. - tom johnston

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Fred Gilt's method of taking the ring out of the drums works like the one I sent in last night. But I found it works better if u tape a smaller piece of sweat chlothes material on the bottom head too. Eliminates the dead sound. - tom johnston
Tired of fumbling to grab anotherstick when lose one? i use an arrow quiver tied to my bass drum.i can adjust it to any position. i keep at least 6 or 8 sticks in it. i never miss a beat because of a lost stick. - snakeman
Trust your ears, if the fill sounds right in your head put it out there, theres always room for progression or change. - Jay Kron
ok if you want to expand your horizons in your drumming, my tip is to whatch other drummers, like mike portnoy or dave wreckl or niel pert. learn from the best!!! it helped me alot. - dave

If you want your drum heads to last longer and move well over the bearing edges and give their true tone use a good insulator wax on the bearing edges of your shells and also wax the underside of your heads on the edges where they sit on the bearing edges - Roger Strange

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Be careful when transporting your drum kit. Get cases for your drums. This can get expensive; into the hundreds, but it is worth it. If you don't have oodles of cash then just mainly cover the snare drum and make sure the springs aren't "uncomfortable". Bubble wrap works for me! - Moklety
Just play the drums with all your heart with persistent and determination, don't ever ever think to surrender, just hold on and everythings will be fine! that's the true secret of a true drummer!!!! that's all folks!!!!! - mr. kurt cobain
Try playing paradiddles between your snare and bass drum. It makes for a pretty cool fill - Joe Boehlert
Try this. Place a smaller cymbal upside down over your ride or whatever. DON'T Forget the Felt inbetween. As you are playing, drag your stick from the smaller cym on to the bottom cym. You',ll be Surprized what an Effect it gives..TRY IT ..and enjoy! - Bobby Wayne

Travis Barker rules! He has some sweet symbals with loads of off beat crashes. It rocks. - Travisfollower

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Listen to the song your trying to learn over and over to get the rythem in your head - Cody Limbaugh
When playing drums, always pray before playing it helps a lot. - jett
No stick grip tape? I have found that if you grab a bit of "Gorilla Snot" from one of your Guitarist's box of goodies, you will have no problem keeping those sticks in your hands where they belong. - TJ Walker
Have extra supplies! I always lose my supplies, so stock up! - ciara

When you're constantly on the road and unable to get to your drumkit (except for soundcheck & show) exercise your brain by transcribing drumparts from CDs. For further development, transcribe styles of music less familiar to you. This will expand your musical variety, creativity, ear and hone your sense of rhythm. - John Cushon

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If want to improve single stroke speed do this exercise - start very slow pick up speed for 30 seconds and when at top speed continue top speed for 15 seconds then gradually slow down for another 30 seconds do this a couple of times as a warm up or how ever you want to. If you continue to do these everyday your singles with be faster and you will have much more endurance - Josh
If u want to have less ringing time in your cymbals put duct tape an the bottom of the cymbal - Josh
Hey if u want a muffled sound to get rid of that ring put weatherstriping on your drums u want to muffle. works better than any product found in a musicians store. - Josh

Put a pilllow in your bass drum it works wonders for those who want a dead kind of punkish sound - Josh

Just play on and let it flow - scott shipley

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

For excellent chops you need two things: a good pair of marching sticks and a pillow. If you practice singles and open rolls on the pillow for 20 minutes every day for a few weeks, it allows you to create your own rebound and work harder. The next time you get on a drum or practice pad it will feel great and last longer. - Chris Forte
If u dont have a double bass pedal and you play a lot of ATREYU like me just hit bass and then the floor tom or other toms right after as fast as possible and it will sound like a double pedal!! SO GO ROCK OUT!! - Kevin Maslan

For flying kicks always play heal up, trust me heal up makes the foot go faster. - Pablo

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Hey if you want to get better,stop trying to play Lars Ulrich stuff. You won't get too far. Listen to Mike Portnoy or Jon Theodore from the Mars Volta. Mix it up and don't listen to the same style of music. Experiment alot. And practice for like 4 hours everyday. By the end of the month you are going to say, "Damn. I got really good, thanks to some guy on the internet." Trust me. - Jorge F
FACT: When Neil Peart goes to sleep every night he dreams he's really Chad Sexton. You know it's true. - Joe Abeyta
If you are a speed or death metal drummer, consider stretching and getting your heart rate up prior to grinding.it takes a lot out of you so be sure to warm up. - elden
Before you start to practice. look in the mirror, smile proudly, and say. today is going to be a good day. and i am going to build my chops up, build strength... etc.ect. whaterver you want to say. and your practice time will go much more smoothly. or so i have discovered. - Brittany
Practice your rudaments and parradidles on your pillow as often as posible because of the slow responce time of a pllow (or anythng soft)you realy give your wrists a good work out and when you do get on to the drums your speed wll increase phenomenally. - andrew
The sound of your drums is important- head selection and tuning. also,always allow the stick to rebound freely off of the head,pulling the sound out of the drum.don't play through the drum,pull the sound out. - chuck

Before you warm up get some heavy sticks and slowly hit the drum. - lod

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

In response to the most recent drum tuning tip: although you may have a really good sound at the moment, there is always a better sound to be had... don't ever settle for what is just okay, but find a sound that you can really embrace... keeping in mind, of course, that you can never get a better sound than what your instrument is capable of putting out... and if you have really old drum heads then you can just forget it! But it is very important to experiment and always look for that better sound. - Bill

FOLLOW YOU RHYTHM SECTION!!! YOU WILL IMPROVE!! If you follow your rhythm guitar and bass players you will be on time always! it's true, easy, and fun. 'Cuz you can have fills and not speed up or slow down. Just keep bass drum going! - kevin maslan

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WHEN YOUR IN THE PIT on big hits try to hit atleast 1 second after the band, beacause if you hit when you here the band, it will be off to the judges or the crowd because you are on the side lines your sound travels faster cuz your up front. Also work with the drum line and band director some on getting it good. it worked for me. - Austin
From what i've learned after only playing for about a year, is that when you listen to music on the radio or a cd, imitate the drum beats. Try and get down the basic beat, and if your up to it, play the fills with your air drums (lol). Might not sound right in your head, but at you practice on real drum set, experimenting with different sounds, you start to understand more complex beats and fills from practicing more. P.S. As many should know, you more air drumming you do, the more accurate, coordinated, and precise your playing will be. - Future Peart
Before you leave for a show, and before you load everything into the car or van, lay all drum equipment out in the ground or rug. That means all cymbals, stands(folded saves room), and drums and any other hardware that you have. This helps you get a picture of everything you have. - Pat Leamy
Just get together with your bass man, maybe for a couple of hours and run through the rudiments of your songs with each other, to get them nice and tight. You and the Bass man are the backbone of the band, and if something doesn't have a backbone, it falls on its ass! - Ben Jones---The Clones
Snare Vibrations?--On the bottom snare head, Take a little bit of tension off the head and put some on the snares by unscrewing the two tension rods on both sides of the snares on both sides of the drum. This is better than using Duct Tape. Dont go overboard though, you dont want to bend your hoops. A slight adjustment should do the trick! - Don Santamoor
When you play the snare you have to feel the beat and with the high hat when you do that it gets and sounds better! also DONT MESS UP DAWG! - Madison DeSantis

If your drums ring too much just fold some duct tape up, stick it on your drumhead, and it will get rid of that nasty ring you hear. - Zack Mester

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It takes 100 hours of practice to be able to do something, though when you think about doing that thing, it takes 10 hours of thinking to be able to do that. To break it up 15 minutes at night and in morning, and before you know it, after 10 hours your doing whatever! - Practicing with Brain
I always keep my eyes on the lord he always helps me when i can't do somthing so keep your eyes on the lord and play the drums lol!!! :) - kody

Ok dude... ive been playin for 9 yrs... the way to get better is to not just practice, practice, practice (althought that helps) you should reasearch other famous/non-famous drummers and look at their style, technique, such, really get into, oh yeah and Practice! - David the great

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1) Practice is one of the best factors to be the best. 2) Make your own metronome in a CD with lots of tempos. - Chris Likourgos
If you get sweaty hands while playing, buy some of that fluffy tape for tennis rackets and wrap it round your drumstick. It will also double as a grip too. - Sniff
For drum solos, I recommend that if you start with a simple snare groove that becomes more complex adding in triplets with toms and cymbals and a steady 4 on the bass. Can get some cool sounds! Also practice your trills and quads they come in handy. Cool thats it for me.:) - Brandon Brooks

Myth: Ringo is the best drummer in the world; Fact: Neil Pert is in fact, the best drummer in the world. That is why his nick name is "The Professor". He is so unbelievably clean. The only reason Ringo was in the beatles was because he had a bull cut and a British Accent - Chris Roberts

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Listen To other Drummers Listen Listen Listen... Look at the Grip of A bass drummer who is on a line or the Way the Snares and Tenors do there things watch listen and learn. When you do, You will have a better chance at Getting the Drum You Want later or next Year. P.S. Listen to The Band Director(s) as well as concet is as important as marching and they still control your grade and will be with you for a while So... - Mike
Learn to spell the word rhythm,
- fred

Another good tip is to practise your rudiments/rolls etc. on a pillow this way there is no reverb of it where there is on your drum skin especially your skin this way you can pickup any slight mastakes you are making which makes a big difference on recording!!! - alex kontos

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

A good way to help you set up faster without making any mistakes is have a mat/carpet with markings or lips made out of celatape where each of your stand's and legs of your drums stand that way you can anyways have your equipment set up in the same place where you feel most confortable thanks - alex kontos
Make sure that the screw that adjusts the tilt of your bottom hi-hat faces 180 degrees away from your foot. I occasionally see experienced drummers who don't even know about this fundamental set-up aspect and the difference in their open HH sound is very noticable. - Carl

Use your mouse pad to practice rudiments while your waiting for pages to load. - Sean Wharem

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Always be Patient. You have to crawl before you walk. - Austin Jackson
Never give up. - bob
Create your own style of play. look towards the greats for ideas but don't become like them. Give the audience something unique to remember only you by. - Charles Johnson

Practice on snare drum for 30 minutes the start playing - Nick Hansen

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Keeping coordination/reading drum tabs - michael avila

Tips: 1. dont rush...if your a new band pepole wont know your stuff so just go with the flow
2. relax and have fun with all the drumin your doing.
3.you dont always hafe to be the best...you get better the more you play.
4. for the best kind of playin..i say to play you drums on till you know where everything is...by that i mean move the tomes and stuff like that, so you could play with your eyes closed.
5.JOEY JORDISON IS THE BEST DRUMMER EVER...(6)sic(6)SLIPKNOT (6)sic(6) - jeremiah the bull frog

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

When someone says to you that you sound good while playing the drums, don't take it as a compliment. They might just meen that they didn't get the urge to cover their ears, so don't stop practicing a pieace of music because you think it sounds good - drummer
For a better performance, concentrate and feel the rhythm...- Matt Casillan

Even though your advanced, once in a while, break out the old school books from when you first started. You'll be suprised on what you still can stay focused on after knowing what you can play now!!! - Richard E. Piechnik II

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When tunning drums always tune from the points of a compise and you will tune to perfection. Premier snare drums are the best - Raymond (ballymacarrett defendersdrummer)
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!! u should spend hours and hours listeng to the radio.(dosent matter what station) and learn the timing and play along! Its fun and a good work out!! Well see ya later!! - kevin maslan

STOP VIBRATION OF DRUMS: to stop the vibration of the drums, take peices of duct tape,about an inch or twoand pinch it so there is almost a wall in the middle of the tape. then stick it on the side of your drum and it stops the vibration(works best on snare drum) - Ed Struk

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Practice! practice where ever you get the chance to. Whether it be at a drum or in your parents van! thats where i learned so no matter where you are... you can make pretty much anything into a drum! - Jose
When playing make your own beats and if needed wright the notes on a piece of paper. But remember its easier to remember and/or make the beat up as you go along it will get you more experience - Rebecca D
If you and your band want to become famous you have to play in front of people.This will help you get over stage fright and you'll feel confident and play better and louder. - Rebecca D

Patience is a true virtue when working with drums,especially with other drummers in marching band. Always treat your drum as if it was a child. Take care of it and it will return the favor..- Christina Hendrix

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Use cymbal stackers - saves room and money ;>) -unknown
Simple. Play it like you feel it, become it. - Jesse

1. When practicing, try stuff you can't do or find difficult. It is better to do 10 minuites of something you can't do that 1 hour of stuff you can.

2. If your in a band, spend a lot of time with the bassist and let the vocalist go with the guitarist(s). Then meet back together and play. You will sound much more "together".

3. When playing with a group try to listen to all the other instruments and keep everyone together. - Alex

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Learn to play something on all the drums individually then play them all together. - Michael Mooney
Watch other people drum u can nick their fills n stuff! - rebekah
Make a cheap/strong stand and hardware case. buy a 1.5 to 2m length of PVC pipe(sewer pipe) between 150 and 250mm depending on how many stands you have, glue a fixed cap to one end a screw cap to the other and a handle to the middle and you will have a case strong enough to survive the most careless airport baggage handleler. - Karl Lorenz

Never put muffling on your drums. Try tuning them with equal tension and both heads tuned the same. This is what a drum was built to sound like. Forget about making your drums sound like drummer X on CD. It's not real with all the studio gimix and mic placement, etc. Get your own sound. PS. Drums without muffling are louder and can cut through guitar amps better! - boomboom

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For those of you that ( like me) that misplace the little things, wingnuts, felt, snare wire plastic, etc,etc... i have a cheap(er) remedy. You know those little sheets of plastic that rig the wires to either side of the snare, if you loose those, cut out strips, the same size, out of a Starbucks cup, I did, four months ago, and they haven't given a bit of trouble! - Jer Smith
For double bass, don't over use. Play your normal beat and when the audience never expects it play the double. then you leave them wondering how the heck you did that. - Zach

Practice practice practice i have been playing the drums for about a year and i think you need a good book and a dvd which tell you everything you need to know so get practice - lindsey

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Be cool! Don't act stupid,retarded,or really dumb. Thats the importantist tip ever! Trust a pro. - Rebecca the coolest drumer alive
Play your drums in front of either small groups of people or your family to get used to playing in front of crowds (small or big). - Rebecca D

Limit yourself to additions to your set. Practice, get better, and then after being able to use every symbol and tom. Then advance and add a new addition. It's always fun to have a large set, but if you only use a general part of your kit when you play then eveything else is just a waste of space. Remember: You have to crawl before you walk. - Josh

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If you are just beggining, and your drum teacher, (or if you are learning on your own). starts you off by teaching you a song, go to a drum set sit down and listen to that song over and over again. If you are a natural drummer, u will get it quickly. - Joe
If you want hardware that lasts for (almost) a lifetime...choose Pearl! I'm not saying this because I play Pearl, actually I play Ludwig. But Pearl hardware is so solid and reliable..some of my Pearl stands, ive had for 15 years. And they are as good as new! AND, they are not even the most expensive series..it's just great! - daniel
For a good way to help develop four way independance in your playing, try only using the left hand for the left side of the set and the right hand for the right side. When you use your left hand on the high hats it frees your right hand and makes the toms more accessible. - Joe Presti

Research brands before you buy anything. If you dont do your research you're gonna end up wasting $500 on a paper mache drumset made by 8 year old korean slave children. dont buy anything from the brand DB, horribly crappy. - jodio

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To make your toms sound better, take TISSUE PAPER, (not Kleenex)and fold it into a about a 3 by 2 inch rectangle and duct tape it on the inside of your top drum head, not in the middle. - Cody
Alway hit the bass drum as hard as you can if pretty girls are near. They like that kind of stuff and get a good sense of a man's power. - Bill Drumherder

Drumming is only 10% hands and 90% mental...Count your heart out... - The One

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Too loud? - if u dont have a cover instead of doing a strait hit on your snare use a rim hit its a hell of alot more quiet - raphael
Be enthusiastic with what you are doing offer it to God - Ellen C. Silawan

Never lose concentration. It is commom to lose concentration while showing off by rushing into a fill, or tryin to throw in rudiments you just learned into a beat. This is often done when a drummer gets to cocky, or tries to show off for friends, just do what you practiced, never try something new during a show or gig. And NEVER try to spin ur drumsticks when you THINK you have enough time to do it during a song, often drummers will spin sticks if they even think they have time, and often they run out of time to finish the spin, and get delayed on the song. - ct_drummer_boi

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TO BEGINING PLAYERS:Patience is KEY.It may seem that your not getting any better but you are so just STICK WITH IT!!! - Greg Smith
For a new and different kick drum sound, try lining the inside of your bass drum with tin foil, you will get a Thunderous sound, check it out.- Bailey
When playing with your high hats two handed, make sure that you do not play with a traditional grip. Instead, drap your stick and dont hit it. - Mike Feeney
Neal Peart, Tommy Aldridge (whom I happened to see live with the greatest guitar player who ever lived Randy Rhoades) are quite surely the cream of the crop, but i believe the for sure that Drummer TOMMY STEWART will definately be added to the ranks of the greats........awesome - jodi cool

Posture is key if you dont sit straight up behind the drums you will only hurt yourself in the long run! - Eric Poore

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Having drummed for more than 22 years, I have to say that in my professional opininion, very few of the tips listed here are actually helpful to drummers.

Here are some useful tips for you...

**Duct tape is for repairs only, not muffling drums. The only thing you should ever need to deaden the excessive ring of a drum is MoonGels.

**NEVER wear gloves to drum! If you can't hold on to the sticks, or they are giving you blisters, you're doing something wrong!

**Whenever you're gigging on the road, type out a checklist of all your drum gear, including duct tape and tuning keys, and a small tool kit with pliers, a 4-way screwdriver, a crescent wrench and a small hammer (you'll need them all eventually). Take inventory before you leave FOR the gig and before you leave FROM the gig.

**By the way, the best drummer in the history of drumming was, is, and will always be Buddy Rich. He is the drummer by which all other drummers always have been and always will be ranked.

I'm not trying to be an ass or bust anyone's chops, I just want you to have some good drumming advice. And for cryin' out loud, will some of you learn how to spell?! Thanks! Happy Drumming! - Drum Bum Hicks

P.S. Want better grip on your sticks? Try sanding the lacquer of with steel wool and rubbing the bare wood with a wet wash cloth. This exaggerates the wood grain and gives your skin a surface against which to form friction. Works for me! - Drum Bum Hicks

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

Filthy,gungy,disgusting dirt encrusted cymbals? Try "Groove Juice",it really works,BUT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!! - Paul
Relax your hands >:E - bagaboom

For control over your sticks, play on top of a 20oz bottle. This will keep your playing area consistant and it will help you gain control. Also practice things that you have trouble pulling off "slow and low" this is a concept from Steve Smith. - Matt Hill

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Joey Jordinson is greatest drummer alive. - the_four_blades
Don't just play... .improvise and create styles and different rythms - Dave
Play for yourself and make sure you enjoy doing it otherwise drums aren't for you. - Jenna
I got this brand new rudiment called the dragadon't. It goes like this:

llr L RRR llr LL rrl R LLL rrl RR

This is a badass rudiment. Try it - Jimmy

I've got a new rudiment for everyone out there!!! It's a little challenging but made tight!!! It's called the Tap-Shirley! Here's how it goes: First, you gotta know how to do a Shirley Murphy ( RLLRRR LRRLLL)!!!! NOW ALL YOU DO IS JUST PUT THE FLAMS IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!! Here's what it looks like: (R*LL*RRR L*RR*LLL) THE (*) indicated where the flam is suppose to be!!! I can play it better than I can explain it!!! lol Enjoy!!! - Cliff

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Put a plastic film for your car windshield on your single ply drumheads, its will give an effect of double ply drumhead. you can also improvise by doubling it so you can have more muffling. - jolly

Use a news paper for practicing brushstick, it;s cheap and it work, you can also read news after it! or if you had pads, use double tape underneath it and put a hard paper. so you will have a double practice pad for stick and the new brush pad. - jolly

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

To kill the hollow echo sound from a low ply set, just get egg crate foam (the stuff for beds) and line it on th inner shell of the desired drum. Usually your toms and bass drum. It really gives it a punchy sound. - four_blades
Before practicing or playing a date, it is good to do some streching excerciseing to loosen your muscles because drummers play with all their muscles - robert phillips

Explore the possibilities of rudiments by re-defining these buidling blocks. Example - a paradiddle if broken into 2 seperate sound sources sounds cool. Now try it between the bass drum foot and right hand while playing ride patterns with your left hand. U getting it ? Good.......do likewise with all the other rudiments while maintaining the left hand ride pattern. PS, if you are a player that plays open handed (ie Carter Beauforn, Simon Phillips) this would usually be a lot easier. If not, then LEARN how to play open handed.........what's with all this crossing over anyway....talk about wasted motion !!! - Francis

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Want to speed up your drumming? Ok, this may sound daft, but take your drum sticks and play with them underwater! It will defnatly build your arms, wrists and speed. Dont believe me?
Try it out. - dean
Practice, practice, practice - ANGEL
Myth - Ringo is not the greatest drummer. Fact - Danny Carey is the greatest drummer of all time - Ron

Every real drummer starts out with pots and pans when they're like 5 years old. - jeRin

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Always try to keep your cymbals at a good tilt. If you keep them strait, then its possible that you'll bend or dent the cymbal by playing on the edges, or nicking or chipping your drumsticks - Drummin EFFIGY
On a snare drum they drumline the speed and beat - christopher singleton

When hitting your drums,try concentrating on "pulling" the sound out of them instead of hitting them and forgetting about it.The same applies to cymbals;hit, and pull the sound. its all about feeling the rhythm in your bones! - R.W.Singh

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!

You play drums...don't forget to actually play its not all about show. - Corey Yoder
Learn what you do best, and create "your" style. Trying to be the greatest drummer is absurd, just be great at what you do and improve on that. - Dave from Dave's Planet
Practice with running weights on ur ankles and wrists it will increase your speed and muscles - WING NUT
Practice all your rutiments on a pillow or a surface that dosent rebound as well. You'll find it helps your left hand get out those doubles quicker. Virgil did it, and look where it got him! - Tim

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