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Drummers Toolbox

What do you have in your Drum Toolbox?

Drummers carry many different things in their tool box. You want to be as prepared
as possible for quick fixes or emergencies. Enjoy this drummers toolbox suggestion list.



  • Screwdrivers - Keep several sizes. You can buy the "all in one" type.
  • Pliers - We often need to get a piece of drum gear unstuck. Keep pliers handy.
  • Speed Wrench - A speed drum tuning wrench is great for fast tune ups!
  • Pocket Knife - What can you say; you just can't do without a pocket knife.
  • Allen Wrenches - Keep all sizes. Sometimes you need them for the pedal linkage.
  • Small Hammer - Cog pins work their way out. Sometimes gear gets stuck.
  • Flashlight: It's often very dark on stage. Always keep a flashlight with you.


  • Drum Keys - You can never have enough drum keys for tuning!
  • Snare Cord - This is for the sides of the snare drum where it attaches to the strainer.
  • Spare Hi Hat Clutch - You don't want to be left without an extra hi-hat clutch.
  • Wing Nuts - Wing nuts fly off regularly. Keep a bunch of them on hand.
  • Drum Pedal Spring - The pedal springs wear out. Keep an extra one handy.
  • Bass Drum Beater - If you've ever popped a beater, you'll be glad you have an extra.
  • Tension Rods - They get lost and sometimes stripped. Keep some extas handy.
  • Washers - Washers also wear out. They tend to get rough making it hard to turn.
  • Cymbal Sleeves - Keep many of the nylon cymbal sleeves for extras.
  • Impact Pads - Keep extra bass drum impact pads handy for when they wear out.


  • Ear Plugs - Whatever you do; protect your ears while you're playing.
  • Lithium Grease - Pros recommend lihium grease over WD 40 for lubricating parts.
  • Multi-Clamps - Multi-clamps help you get gear angled right, mics placed, etc.
  • Duct Tape - Duct tape is probably the most important piece of gear in your toolbox.
  • Towel - Remember to keep a fresh towel handy for when you sweat.
  • Pens: Keep writing pens and sharpies in your box for writing set lists and notes.
  • Small Rags : Repairs can get dirty or greasy. Keep a rag handy.
  • Medicine: Keep some Advil for headaches, bandaids for cuts and blisters, etc.

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  • Metronome: The metronome helps for making sure the tempos are right.
  • Directions to the Gig: Use Map Quest and get your directions in advance.
  • Your Cell Phone: If you break down, you'll wish you had brought it.
  • Your Wallet : Make sure it has money, licence, credit card, etc.
  • Headphones: If you use headphones on the gig, make sure you have them with you.
  • Your Sheet Music: Remember your charts and/or your cheatsheets.
  • Music Stand: If you do any reading, you don't want to forget the music stand!
  • Business Cards: If you're a pro, you'll have business cards for self promotion.


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